"Below Sea Level is a store for the hobbyists by the hobbyists."

Below Sea Level was founded with the idea of redefining the salt water aquarium store industry. The principal owner of Below Sea Level has 18 years of experience with Salt Water Aquariums. In the year of 2001 he started his mission. The idea was to focus more on customer attention and satisfaction rather than a high turnout, Quality not Quantity.

  • Individual Customer Attention: During all business hours customers have the opportunity to receive expert advice from someone with 18 years experience. We do not simply sell Livestock and Supplies. What we do is help individuals to create their own successful Salt Water Aquarium's. We care about our Livestock and yours. We consult with every customer as to what kind of system they have to ensure that their new addition will fit within their system. Why do we do this? We think the hobby is a wonderful experience and we want to ensure you will have a positive experience and not a negative one. With the proper guidance you can help eliminate very costly and time consuming errors.
  • Livestock & Products: Our individual customer attention policies also reflect the Livestock and Products we sell. We could sell low quality products and livestock for a greater profit however it is against our morals and business ethics. We carry Livestock and Products for the novice and expert. Our products range from the Highest Quality available to the Very Good Quality. The Reason? We want your Salt Water Aquarium to develop to its fullest potential as quickly as possible. The Highest Quality products are for those who want the best results and price is no issue. The Very Good Quality products are very effective and are the "Best Bang for your Buck". You will not find any low quality products in our store. Why? They won't produce the results you are wanting and they would just be a waste of your money. Livestock is also very important. We only patron suppliers and distributors with high standards and quality.

Our Goal is 100% Customer Satisfaction! You won't find better Service, Livestock and Products anywhere else! Stop by our store and see for yourself.
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